Barbara Kennedy

I have been making fine jewelry since 1976.  I have experience in , production work, diamond setting, repairs,  teaching, and custom work.

2009 PMC Certification. Passed Rio Grande PMC level I certification for teaching precious metal clay (PMC)

2009 - 2004 Bodacious Beads, Hillsboro, OR.  Taught classes ranging from basic soldering to producing custom pieces.

1985 - 1992 Jose Grants, Stamford CT.,Making  Fine Jewelry

1992 - 1985 Brookfield School, South Norwalk, CT.  Offered classes in basic soldering and metal fabrication. 

1982 - 1984 Artifacts, Willamette, IL., Production jewelry.

1985 - 1978 Beverly Arts Center and North Short Art League, Chicago, IL. Taught metalsmithing.

1976 - 1982 Peggy Robinson's Designs, Chicago, IL. Design, Diamond setting, buying, custom work.

        Class Descriptions
Learn to hard solder your projects from jump rings to clasps.
To give your work the finishing touches it needs.
Prerequisite for all metal classes requiring soldering.
Time: 2 Hrs. $50 + Lab Fee $10
In this class you will form, file, solder, hammer, and finish a silver bracelet in 2 hours.
$50 + $25 Lab Fee.
Get out your hammer and anvil.
Choose 1 to 3 designs.
Cut, file, hammer, and finish these wearable works of art.
Time 2 Hrs $50 + Lab Fee $30
Wide Ring with Cabochon Stone
Fashion a wide sterling hammered band. Embellish with a bezel set cabachon.
Time 3 Hours $75 Lab Fee $35
Create 3 rings, solder bezels, and set these colorful cabochons.
These little gems can be worn together or alone.
Time: 2 Hrs. $50 + $30 Lab Fee.
Hand form or stamp an image in the PMC clay. Dry and fire in the kiln. Learn finishing techniques to complete your pendant.
Time: 4 Hrs. $100 + $40 Lab Fee.
Using Silver Metal Clay (PMC) stamp, file, and finish 2 small coin sized earrings.
Using the kiln fire the pieces. Learn finishing techniques to complete your earring project.
Time: 3 Hrs $75 + $ 40 Lab fee.
Get out your hammer and anvil.
using 14 Gauge round wire
Cut, file, hammer, and finish these bangle bracelets.
Time 2 Hrs $50 + Lab Fee $30
Form, solder, and hammer 7 to 9 silver links. Learn how to attach leather cord to necklace to complete this piece.
Time: 3 Hrs. $75 + Lab Fee $30.
You choose the type of spinning bands. Gold Filled, hammered Silver, twisted Silver wire , add patina for interest. 
There are three stages in making this ring. The inner sleeve, the spinners, and the cap end pieces.
Time: 5 Hrs. $125 + Lab Fee $50
Hand hammer a wide silver sheet bracelet.
Then learn how to put them together to complete this classic piece.
Time: 5 Hrs. $125 + $100 Lab Fee
Create a bezel, form a wire bracelet and assemble into this lovely latch style cabochon bracelet.
Time: 4 Hrs. $100 + $60 Lab Fee.
Form fine silver around your cabochon.
Create a pendant by soldering, filing, and finishing, and mount your bezel.
Stones supplied by teacher.
Time: 2 Hrs. $50 + $30 Lab Fee.
Starting with heavy gauge silver stock, shape,texture,design a cuff style bracelet.
Finish in satin or high polish.
Time: 2Hrs, $50 + Lab Fee $70
Wrap,file,solder, and forge Sterling into 4 different sized loops in a long 30 inch chain.
Sparkling links to wear day or night. Timeless.
Time: 4 Hrs. $100 + Lab Fee $80
Use your photo or collage materials, using a pre-made bezel arrange the photo or collage, pour the ice resin. Allow curing overnight.
Time: 2 Hrs. $50 + $10 each bezel

This class makes three PMC projects, a pendant, a ring, and one of your choice. Each student is supplied with 28 grams of PMC+ and tools. Optionally you may purchase your own tools in a kit for $45. Finishing and patinas will be introduced to finish your project.
Time: 4 Hrs. $100 +PMC at market price. Bronze or Silver PMC available. Must be ordered 10 Business days in advance.

Buy Now pays for Class time, Lab Fee payable at start of class.

Pattern copper with hammers, fold and form. Create warm effects of varying hues and patina's.

Time 2 Hours $50 Lab fee $15

Create this beauty for fresh casual summer look.

Time 2 Hours $50 Lab fee $20 for Leather and beads

Silver twisted wire hoops with wire wrapped gem stone briolette.

Time 2 Hours $50 Lab fee $30

For your projects I offer students time in 3 hour labs to use the studio tools.
This is open to students who have taken the intro. classes.
Some metal available for purchase.
Time:$10/Hr, 3 Hrs Min.